Bob Edwards: IPX benefits business

IPX benefits business IPX has an existing presence within many school districts and colleges. With IPX, I have expanded the footprint of my business beyond my normal geographic area since now I can do all business virtually and securely.

Daniel Krause: IPX benefits employers

IPX benefits employers As a financial professional in the 403b market for over a decade, I’ve worked with over 12 different providers to complete applications. I’ve done original applications, paper applications and E-applications. IPX has simplified the way...

Carlos J Garza: The IPX account team

The IPX account team The IPX account team has been consistently helpful and friendly every time I call or email them. All questions and issues are answered and resolved in a timely manner. They are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the 403(b) arena.

Bob Edwards: Placing new models on IPX

Placing new models on IPX IPX removed barriers for me so that I could get up and running fast. I was able to get new investment models established on the system quickly and able to maintain them efficiently.

Daniel Krause: How IPX benefits my business

How IPX benefits my business With IPX, I can walk someone through a complete enrollment virtually. I spend less time on completing paperwork and get clients to sign and scan, etc. IPX eliminates the need for all that. Because IPX is all virtual and clients are more...