Decumulation: The Final Frontier

A Spark Institute session led by IPXSM/FPS

Recorded on Thursday, November 5, 12:30 pm – 1:20 pm EST

The combination of the Baby Boomers crossing over to their Golden Years, the uncertainty of saving sufficiency, the challenges of behavioral biases in managing money in retirement, the insecurity about the vibrancy of Social Security, the recently passed SECURE Act that solidifies the ability to include annuities in plans and the rapid advancement and deployment of fintech, have all contributed to the focus on decumulation and income sufficiency in retirement. The industry is trying to balance optionality under a traditional asset management framework through managed payout with the certainty of an income replacement through annuities.

This panel will discuss the process of integrating annuities into a DC plan as both an asset class during the final years of accumulation with optionality and as a potential retirement paycheck for life with certainty.

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Presented by IPX and SPARK Institute

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