IPX Retirement Teams with Benetic
IPX RetirementTM has partnered with Benetic® to provide advisors an easy, efficient way to find the best retirement solutions for their Non-Profit and Governmental plans.
CENTENNIAL, CO – March 31, 2022

IPX Retirement, a leading provider of recordkeeping solutions for Non-ERISA plans, has teamed with Benetic, a digitally powered, online marketplace for retirement advisors and service providers, to offer advisors online access to the IPX non-profit and governmental recordkeeping solutions. The IPX PlatformSM is the first Non-ERISA solution offered on the no-cost, advisor-focused site – empowering retirement plan advisors to provide their clients the best plan for their needs.

“Developing a partnership with Benetic was an easy decision,” said Bill Mueller, CEO of IPX Retirement. “Both platforms were created to improve decision-making for advisors and plan sponsors. We tie together pieces of the historically fragmented Non-ERISA retirement plan process on one platform.”

While Benetic helps advisors automate repetitive, time-consuming processes, the IPX Platform offers access to multiple investment providers and their investment offerings, including mutual funds, ETFs, CITs, annuities, and managed accounts – all on a single platform – making it easy for advisors and plan sponsors to manage the sometimes-chaotic world of non-ERISA plans.

“Our partnership with IPX reflects their continued leadership of innovation in the retirement industry and recognizing advanced trends,” stated Ray Conley, CEO of Benetic. “Now advisors using Benetic’s platform will have enhanced access not only to ERISA solutions, but also a superior Non-ERISA recordkeeping solution.”

The Investment Provider Xchange (IPX)® recordkeeping platform was originally conceived by company experts who saw the investment gap between corporate 401(k) plans and non-profit plans such as 403(b) and 457 plans and set out to modernize non-profit retirement plans. IPX Retirement specializes in recordkeeping solutions for non-profit organizations like schools, higher ed and faith-based institutions, municipalities and other non-profit organizations that manage 403(b), 457, FICA Alts or similar retirement plans for their employees.

Visit benetic.com to add the IPX Platform to your next retirement plan proposal. For more information regarding the retirement plan services provided by IPX Retirement, visit ipxretirement.com

About IPX Retirement

IPX Retirement, formerly FPS Group, is a leading provider of trust, custody, IRA, and recordkeeping services to the retirement plan industry. Our innovative multi-vendor, multi-provider approach delivers superior value for financial advisors, plan sponsors, investment providers, TPAs, and the Investors they serve.

About Benetic

Benetic is a technology-powered solution that brings recordkeepers, asset managers, and other plan service providers together in one place to help advisors and consultants generate the best plan options quickly and cost effectively.

Created by retirement industry experts and built by leading Silicon Valley engineers, the Benetic platform is the last tool you will ever need to build a retirement plan solution.

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