IPX Retirement Accounts Now Available for Account Aggregation Services
IPX Retirement Partners with Yodlee to Show Account Data Across Platforms
CENTENNIAL, CO – September 27, 2022

IPX Retirement® announced today that account information for retirement plan accounts on the IPX Platform recordkeeping system can now be accessed through external account aggregation at over 200 financial institutions and platforms across the U.S.

IPX has partnered with Yodlee, an Envestnet company, to integrate with banks, credit unions, brokerage firms and other financial services providers. This integration enables the display of IPX retirement account information like account balances and transaction data on account aggregation dashboards. For IPX recordkeeping clients, this holistic view of all their retirement accounts can offer better insight into retirement planning decisions.

“We are pleased to be able to bring yet another technical innovation to our IPX recordkeeping platform”, said Bill Mueller, CEO. “By offering this account aggregation service to retirement account holders, we are realizing our mission of delivering solutions that cater to advisors and enhance investor outcomes.”

For the financial advisor community who have access to their client’s external account aggregation information, adding the IPX Retirement account data will provide a clearer picture of a client’s assets, enabling advisors to better evaluate their retirement planning needs. It’s now quicker and easier to see what’s available in client accounts and to do business on the IPX Platform.

“Using modern security protocols, we are able to ensure the privacy and security of IPX account holder data, while providing seamless integration with hundreds of financial institutions”, said Paul Delcogliano, Vice President of Technology, Application and Architecture for IPX.

For more information on IPX Retirement and our recordkeeping services, visit our website at ipxretirement.com.

About IPX Retirement

IPX Retirement is a leading provider of trust, custody, IRA, and recordkeeping services to the retirement plan industry. Our innovative multi-vendor, multi-provider recordkeeping platform and automated Safe Harbor IRA services deliver superior value for financial advisors, plan sponsors, investment providers, TPAs, and the Investors they serve.

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