FPS Group is now IPX Retirement!

FPS Group unveils a new name and website as part of rebranding initiative

CENTENNIAL, Colo.July 27, 2021 — Retirement plan services provider FPS Group is changing its name to IPX RetirementTM, effective immediately. The rebrand reflects the name of their flagship recordkeeping platform, Investment Provider Xchange, and the company’s renewed focus on investor outcomes. The rebranding initiative features a new customer-focused website — ipxretirement.com — along with logo and product enhancements.

“We are committed to improving results for investors and the advisors that serve them at every stage of retirement planning, from asset accumulation to lifetime income,” said Bill Mueller, CEO. “We combine our extensive industry experience with superior technology and partner with advisors, helping them deliver best-in-class solutions to their plan and investor clients.”

The IPX recordkeeping platform was originally conceived by company experts who saw the investment gap between corporate 401(k) plans and non-profit plans such as 403(b) and 457 plans and set out to modernize non-profit retirement plans. In doing so, they created the industry’s only recordkeeping platform for non-profit plans that consolidates multiple investment providers on a single platform and allows access to mutual funds, ETFs, fixed income annuities and professionally managed portfolios.

IPX Retirement specializes in recordkeeping solutions for non-profit organizations like schools, higher ed and faith-based institutions, municipalities and other non-profit organizations that manage 403(b), 457, FICA Alts or similar retirement plans for their employees.

IPX Trust, the trust division of IPX Retirement, manages the IPX Safe Harbor IRA program and offers paying agent, trust, and custody solutions to support retirement and health savings plans. Formerly known as FPS Trust, IPX Trust is a non-depository trust company chartered in Colorado.

For more information about the company’s retirement plan services, visit ipxretirement.com

About IPX Retirement

IPX Retirement, formerly FPS Group, is a leading provider of trust, custody, IRA, and recordkeeping services to the retirement plan industry. Our innovative multi-vendor, multi-provider approach delivers superior value for financial advisors, plan sponsors, investment providers, TPAs, and the Investors they serve.


Susan Baber, CFP®
Director of Marketing, IPX Retirement



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