TER Service

IPX Retirement® can help you grow your advisory business by providing an automated transfer-exchange-rollover process (TER) to efficiently move client assets.

Our TER Service

TER is the process by which the IPX® Recordkeeping Operations team can assist advisors and their clients in moving existing assets onto the IPX platform. We’ll do the follow-up for you.

Our TERs team becomes your back office, obtaining the information needed to accomplish the task and then tracking progress.

The TERS team will help you:

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Transfer accounts to IPX, where they will benefit from a wide selection of investments

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Exchange existing plan investments and consolidate into new accounts on the IPX Platform

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Rollover eligible retirement accounts and consolidate on the IPX Platform

It’s as easy as 3 steps and you’re done!




Complete TER


Submit to TER

We use email communication along the way to keep both advisor and participant informed. All TER cases are tracked with a unique ID for a complete audit trail.

Have a large block of business that you are considering moving on a bulk request?

Our team will work with you to determine the best solution for your clients. And then they’ll perform a clean and seamless transition to our IPX platform.