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Introducing IPX Retirement. A solution for every plan.

We can help you deliver more value with IPX recordkeeping, designed for 403(b), 457, FICA Alt and other non-profit plans.

Whether you serve individual investors, employer retirement plans, or both, our IPX Retirement recordkeeping platform is the solution for you.

Designed to modernize the traditional, limited choice, non-profit retirement plan, the IPX platform will transform how you and your clients are able to manage your retirement accounts.

The Investment Provider Xchange (IPX)® is the industry’s only recordkeeping solution designed to process annuities, managed portfolios, mutual funds and ETFs on one common platform. IPX connects plan participants with the advice and the investment selections they need, when they need it.

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Finally, hard-working employees at schools, hospitals, colleges, non-profit and faith-based organizations now have the same investment opportunities—or better—than those who work for employers offering 401(k) plans.

With IPX, your clients can choose from a variety of investments and multiple providers in one retirement plan—including mutual funds from well-known providers such as Fidelity and Vanguard, retirement income products including annuities, and customized model portfolios designed by you or your firm.

IPX provides a dashboard to consolidate investment reporting, detailed plan participant data and other tools that allow you to better service and grow your retirement plan business.

IPX can actively trade mutual funds, ETFs, annuities and managed portfolios on the platform. Advisors can now leverage the investment solutions curated for 401(k) plans even within non-profit 403(b) and 457 plans.

Investments on the IPX platform could include:

Stable value fund

Mutual funds

Fixed guaranteed annuity

Exchange traded funds (ETF)

Variable annuities

Managed portfolios*

*Advisors can create customized managed portfolio solutions to offer participants on the IPX platform.


How IPX benefits clients and employers

IPX gives me access to the most experienced money managers and lowest cost mutual funds, including Vanguard and Fidelity Investments. The platform allows me to use some of the best investments possible to help meet my client’s financial goals and retirement dreams.{
Carlos J Garza, CFS

IPX offers a variety of resources to advisors and their firms:

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Use our e-signature system to complete all required paperwork when you meet clients digitally

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Leverage payroll slots in the K-12 market available immediately, nationwide

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Get up and running quickly with our free enrollment and platform training

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Receive support from dedicated IPX account and operations staff

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Download ready-made account and transaction forms, so you can do business anywhere

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Restrict access to materials and information through our compliance-friendly system

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Create and print reports on-demand through advisor and firm portals

IPX Safe Harbor IRA

for advisors who manage all types  of retirement plans, including 401(k)

Our Safe Harbor IRA provides a best-in-class solution for plan sponsors who have, or are considering adding, a force-out IRA option to their retirement plan documents.

The IPX Safe Harbor IRA solution offers hands-free administration while meeting your fiduciary obligations and standards of care. Account holders benefit from the industry’s most comprehensive outreach program while receiving market-leading investment returns.

Our Safe Harbor IRA is a no-cost, fully automated automatic rollover program that establishes IRA accounts for non-responsive former employees with qualifying balances in active plans and for non-responsive participants in terminated plans.

Help clients evaluate their fiduciary risk.

Talk to us about:

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An automatic rollover IRA for de minimus or small accounts under $5,000

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Managing uncashed distribution checks

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Missing participant searches and communications

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Management and “wind-down” support for terminating plans

IPX Safe Harbor IRA Benefits

More frequent missing-participant searches

Automated seamless technology means less data hassle

Low fees help former participants retain more funds

Guaranteed income account earns a competitive interest rate

Available for any type of retirement plan

Discover why a record number of plan sponsors are switching to the IPX Safe Harbor IRA for their force-out, uncashed checks and terminated plan needs.

Customized, branded IRA solutions for your firm with the IPX IRA

We will work with you to offer clients a customized, branded solution with our IPX IRA. Supported by our innovative recordkeeping platform, the IPX IRA delivers the opportunity for advisors to design and custom-brand a select IRA product and distribute it nationwide on the IPX platform. Include your choice of mutual funds, ETFs, fixed-income, and your own managed portfolio accounts in an exclusive, private-label IRA offering.

Contact us to learn more about our IPX IRA product solution for your advisory firm.

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